Report: The New York Knicks Could Look For Backcourt Help


There is no doubt that the New York Knicks are vastly improved, largely due to the surprising play of rookie Kristaps Porzingis, but one area they are still struggling with is the backcourt.

The Knicks will undoubtedly have to continue their seemingly never-ending search for a point guard this summer, but for now they will at least need to consider a potential upgrade over Jose Calderon. According to Ian Begley of they already are.

As Begley mentions, not all of the fault can be put on Calderon for the Knicks being last in both fastbreak points and points off of drive. It is in fact a casualty of the triangle offense and the idea that the Knicks were going to play this hybrid version of Phil Jackson‘s legendary scheme seems to have been cast aside.

Still, the stats cannot be ignored, and Calderon’s (+/-) per-100 possessions is -4.4, and when using the lineup finder on you will find that he is in the negative with the four other Knicks’ starters: Arron Afflalo, Carmelo Anthony, Porzingis, and Robin Lopez.

With things the way they are now, the Knicks are currently LAST in backcourt scoring per game! So as much as the Knicks may love Jose Calderon, they need an upgrade.

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Perhaps Derek Fisher and Jackson put to much faith into rookie Jerian Grant leading the fast break charge off of the bench, as now his poor jump shot has reared its ugly head, forcing him to the bench.

Grant has been an early disappointment, making just 46.8% of his shots at the rim, per

The absence of Grant has caused burden to increase on Langston Galloway as the sole guard off the bench, forcing him into a brutal December struggle. After his incredible start, leading the league in both three-point percentage and offensive efficiency, he has come back to earth.

Begley’s article mentions three names that have been rumored to be on the trade block: Brandon Jennings, Kevin Martin, and former Knick Jamal Crawford. Of the three, the name that makes the most sense is Jennings.

He has an expiring contract, and at only 26 he has plenty to prove for his next contract. Last season, Jennings averaged 2.7 fast break points and 4.9 points in the paint per game, per Unlike Calderon, he is aggressive and looks to push the ball up the court. The Knicks point guard averaged just 0.7 fast break points and 1.2 points in the paint in 2014-15, with his numbers going down further this season.

There is concern with Jennings of course, he has yet to play this season and is still rehabbing from a ruptured Achilles, and he is often criticized for his poor shot selection and his erratic play, averaging 15 FGA’s per game for his career and shooting just 39% from the field.

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Jennings would be a risk for the Knicks and if the price is high, likely one not worth taking. Crawford, 35, wouldn’t fit into the Knicks’ future plans and he’s only making 37% of his shots right now with the Clippers. He’s a mad bomber who’s only value is as a shooter and if the Knicks want to speed things up, Crawford wouldn’t be a great option.

Martin is a dead-eye shooter (39% from three for his career) but the greatest turn-off for him is that he’s signed for  over $7 million for 2016-17, taking away from the Knicks’ summer cap-room.

If the Knicks want to make the playoffs this season then they will need to take a risk, and Jennings is that risk.