Carmelo Anthony Shuts Jared Dudley Up With 37 “Overrated” Points


Remember when Jared Dudley called Carmelo Anthony overrated and then immediately apologized for it?

Anthony sure did.

"“It got back to me,’’"

This is what got back to Anthony last spring.

[H/T to Dan Feldman of NBC Pro Basketball Talk]

"“The reason why I say Carmelo is because Carmelo is viewed as a top-five player. He’s viewed in the NBA as a top-five.”“Carmelo, he has the talent to be able to be able to facilitate – the triangle should fit him where  he’s got to make guys better, and defensively, he’s got to take the next level up.”“But Carmelo, he’s got to get out. He’s got to get out of the first/second round. He’s got to get teams to the playoffs.”“LeBron, with that roster, LeBron would have gotten them to the playoffs. They would have been at least the eight seed.”"

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So how did Anthony respond in his first meeting against Dudley?  37 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists, on 11/18 shooting including 4/5 from three-point range. Not to mention Anthony made eight straight field goals during the game. How you like them apples Mr. Dudley!

Oh yeah and this dagger in the face of Dudley to give the Knicks a lead late in the game.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Anthony had Saturday’s night date circled. It sure looked like it as Anthony seemed to have an extra pep in his step.

"“It definitely got back to me. It becomes competitive at that point. You want to go out there and show what you’re made of. Tonight was one of those nights. This was a game I circled on my calendar. I’ll see him three more times.’’"

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Anthony just assumed the Knicks faced the Wizards four times this season, but it is actually three. so two more times. I can not wait to see Anthony possibly go off against Dudley a couple more times! The next time the Knicks will see Dudley again on the schedule will be next year, on February 9, 2016. Then Anthony will see Dudley one last time on March 19, 2016.

Apparently Anthony had a feeling he would play well on Halloween night, feeling good earlier in the day at practice.

"“One of them days, even this morning at shoot-around, I was feeling good,’’“Today was the day I had that bounce. I’m never surprised but I’ll take it. At this point, if you build it, it will come. I’ve been putting in the work fora long time. Hopefully I can keep that up.’’"

For the sake of the Knicks, hopefully Anthony can keep it up.

Although it will be pretty hard to keep up such a magnificent performance.

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Head coach Derek Fisher felt that Anthony got all his shots within the system and really got his teammates involved as well, not just forcing the issue against Dudley and company.

"“I thought they brought the best out of Melo,’’“There was a composure and poise to everything he did. He got the shots he wanted when he wanted them. He also made plays to make other people better. I thought his effort on the defensive end was really great. He led us in a lot of ways.’’"