Kyle O’Quinn Somber to Start His New York Knicks Career


When the New York Knicks sign and traded for Kyle O’Quinn it was joyous reunion for the Queens native. With media day and training camp getting starting up this week, this week should have been a dream come true for the O’Quinn family but instead they are still in mourning and graving of Tommie O’Quinn.

Tommie O’Quinn was Kyle O’Quinn’s father, who tragically passed away in late July after an automobile accident.

"“I lost my dad,”“It was tough for me and my family. There’s nothing much else to say.”“I go through it every day. I pray on it. I talk to my mom about it, my sister about it.,” “It’s going to be tough.”"

Tommie loved his son and proudly showcased all of Kyle’s accomplishments, as per Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

"A piece of Tommie’s personality and life still sits on Northern Boulevard near 105th street in Flushing, a “museum,” as Kyle calls it, that is filled with collectibles and memorabilia. Tommie had maintained this street-level shop as his personal space for 15 years, filling it more recently with souvenirs of Kyle’s basketball accomplishments."

Tommie was getting ready to rent out the space for business but now with his passing, Kyle is holding onto the property and holding onto memories of his father.

"“One day I’ll break down and I’ll get in there and go through some things when I got the time and my mind is right,” “But until then, it will be there as if he was there.”"

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Kyle says his father’s presence will be strongly missed during games as well.

"“If I went to any team, he would have made any city feel like a home city to me,”"

Although Kyle knows his father would not have wanted him to dwell on such matters.

"“The last thing he would want is for me to sit here and slow down my process in my next opportunity due to something we couldn’t control,” “That was God’s plan. We’re firm believers that everything happens for a reason. And I’m sure my dad wouldn’t want me sitting moping about something I couldn’t control.”"

As someone who knows the pain of losing his father as a young man, it is hard to reconcile such a loss. Going through the different stages of grief can be extremely difficult. Hopefully O’Quinn can mentally deal with that and also deal with the rigorous stress that comes from being a professional NBA player. Here’s to hoping Kyle O’Quinn good mental health and a great year of basketball.

On a lighter note, in case you missed it, O’Quinn had a hilarious exchange with Chris Herring of The Wall Street Journal, it is a must see.

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