Knicks: Kristaps Porzingis Tweaked IT Band During Training Camp


New York Knicks prized rookie Kristaps Porzingis tweaked his IT band during Wednesday night’s session of training camp. Porzingis sustained the injury during a non-contact 5-on-0 drill.

Medicine Net definition of the iliotibial band: is a ligament that runs along the outside of the thigh — from the top of the hip to the outside of the knee. It stabilizes the knee and hip during running, but when it thickens and rubs over the bone, the area can become inflamed or the band itself may become irritated — causing pain.

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Or…not. When asked about the incident, Porzingis just said he “tweaked it” feeling “some pain” but that “it’s not a big deal.

The injury does not seem to be a major concern to the organization, when asked if any test were done, Porzingis said

"“No, not really, just the doc test me, she said everything was fine“.“Just gotta rest for a little bit, everything is fine.“"

Apparantly everything is fine and head coach Derek Fisher reaffirmed that, saying resting Porzingis was a precautionary measure more than anything else and expects Porzingis to be ready on Friday.

"“just not really worth the risk when you think about long-term”“just trying to get him some extra rest, we expect him to be out there tomorrow [Friday].”"

Porzingis understands the Knick’s precautionary take on the injury.

"“One of the reason I am sitting out today is – they are telling me to look in the long run.”“We don’t need me practice today. Tomorrow or the day after, I will be fine. I will be working with the guys, just making sure I am fine, that  I am in great shape for the season and am ready the opener.“"

Fisher hypothesized that there might have been a wet spot on the floor, causing the injury but Porzingis shot that down immediately, saying “no” “just something happened, not a big deal“.

One positive to take from the little set back is that once again Porzingis showed his great character, according to Fisher.

"“he is fine though, it is really more our group being cautious more so than him not wanting to do everything.”“you can see how frustrated he was not being able to finish out but he will be fine.“"

Fine, fine, fine. That word was used a lot… Let’s all hope that Porzingis is just fine and dandy. Won’t have to wait long to find out it seems, as he is expected to play on Friday. Let’s hope for good news.

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