No Reason To Bring In Jamal Crawford


May 4, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford (11) calls a play against the Houston Rockets in the second half in game one of the second round of the NBA Playoffs at Toyota Center. Los Angeles Clippers won 117 to 101. Mandatory Credit: Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

If you were getting hyped up about this potential Jamal Crawford trade to the New York Knicks, then stop right here. Everything below this point will do the complete opposite and shed some light on why there’s no reason for Crawford to come back to the Garden.

Of course, Crawford was a fan favorite during his five seasons with the Knicks, but that’s the past and there’s no need to repeat history. This off-season, despite what the fans have said, the Knicks had an above average free agency and filled in some serious needs. They picked up a solid scoring shooting guard Aaron Afflalo who averaged 13.3 points per game last season.

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Now, Afflalo and Crawford are totally two different players, but having Afflalo would put Crawford where? Would he come off as a bench player or take over Afflalo’s spot? Bringing in Crawford now would just not be ideal for the Knicks and move them back a couple of steps. The only way the Knicks could get Crawford is by trade and reports are claiming that point guard Jose Calderon will be the center of it all.

Take a moment and think about it, would trading Calderon benefit the Knicks? Now they would have two trigger happy shooting guards and no point guard leaving that duty to rookie Jerian Grant. There so many risks that come with putting your faith into a rookie point guard, especially at the start of the season, so I don’t think trading Calderon would be so great. If they manage to get Crawford, the Knicks’ salary cap would sky rocket over and have problems next off-season. Crawford will no doubt want the current salary he has which stands at about $5.7 million, the kind of money the Knicks can use next year.

It’s not crazy for the fans to want Crawford back, the man worked some wonders in the Garden and played some big games here. During his 299 games with the Knicks, Crawford averaged about 17.6 points per game while dishing out 4.4 assists. Another, but not the main reason why the Knicks shouldn’t pursue Crawford is age. The shooting guard will enter his 15th season in the NBA and you have to wonder how much gas he’s got in the tank.

Again, sorry Knick fans, acquiring Crawford now would just re-arrange the Knicks’ plan they had in place which could result in a negative way. The idea is entertaining, but it no way smart.

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