Arron Afflalo: Perfect Complementary Player to Carmelo Anthony On and Off the Court


Arron Afflalo believes that he will be the perfect complementary player to Carmelo Anthony for the New York Knicks on and off the court, as per Marc Berman of the New York Post. Afflalo believes that he can help space the floor for Anthony, as well as take some of the burden of the leadership role off of Anthony.

"“Just being able to shoot, ready to shoot, creating space for him,’’“I want to be a guy who can draw some attention and the guy has to leave him and make the game easy for him. More importantly, helping him with leadership, mentoring the younger guys, keeping everyone consistent and hungry and focused. Now he’s got another guy who will be on board with him for leadership. I think it will help him.’’"

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Afflalo is a career 38.5% three-point shooter can help space the floor for Anthony, providing a release valve for Anthony when teams decide to double-team him. Last season Afflalo shot 43.8% from three-pointers when left wide open (closest defender 6+ feet) as per  Although last season was a down season for Afflalo, in the year prior to last season (2013-2014), which was his best season to date, Afflalo shot 50% from three-pointers when left wide open (closest defender 6+ feet) as per As the primary scoring option for the Orlando Magic in the 2013-2014 season, Afflalo shot a career high of 42.7% from three-pointers.

Afflalo is happy to be reuniting With Anthony and hopes it will be beneficial to both parties. With Afflalo three-point accuracy, teams will have to think twice before leaving him to double-team Anthony.

"“I plan on being the best player I’ve been in my career, and I hope that benefits him,” “I want him to have some easy games where the ball finds him. It’s been awhile since I played with a player like him.”"

Afflalo believes that he may have an even bigger impact off the court. Earlier this year, 2004 Finals MVP Chauncey Billups said Anthony is not a vocal leader, but instead is a lead by example type of leader. Billups is a foremost expert when it comes to this subject matter, being a former teammate of Anthony for four years from 2008-2011.

Anthony’s 2008-2009 season is arguably his most successful season in the NBA, going the furthest he has ever gone in the Playoffs; Western Conference Finals. In this season the combination of Anthony’s lead by example and Billups’ vocal leadership led the Denver Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals, falling to the eventual NBA Champions; Los Angeles Lakers.

Anthony takes a lot of flack for not advancing further than the Western Conference Finals, especially since players in his draft class has gone on to win NBA Championships already. All of the top five draft picks in 2003, with the exception Anthony already have Championship rings.

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Although…3/5 did team up…to form a “Big Three” of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to do so… Then there is Darko Milicic, who just happened to have the good fortunes of being drafted by a title contending team in the Detroit Pistons to claim his Championship ring. Afflalo feels that all the negativity surrounding Anthony is not warranted and is looking forward to the upcoming season together.

"“The thing is, Melo’s a highly scrutinized guy,’’“[Anthony] and I are both focused on what we have to do for the city and New York this year,’’"

Focused they must! With the 2015-2016 schedule announced, the Knicks have a very difficult schedule to start the season. Although Charles Barkley still expects the Knicks to make the Playoffs.

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