Kristaps Porzingis Already Tired, Might Miss Final Game


According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Kristaps Porzingis is already tired…and admits as much.

"“For me, it’s something new,’’“I had almost two games a week [in Spain] the first part of the season. The second part of the season only one game a week and had time to recover. But that’s not an excuse That’s how the NBA schedule is. I’ve got to get used to it. I’m young. I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I just have to prepare for it mentally, be ready to go out every night and compete and have the same energy for the game.’’“We started off good, but they started to play with more energy than us and took over the game. We didn’t have a lot of energy. Guys looked tired. I looked tired.”"

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The New York Knicks got steamrolled by the Golden State Warriors Thursday afternoon and  losing 76-54. In 24 minutes of play Porzingis went 3/10 from the field, scoring a dozen points in the process.

Head coach Derek Fisher hinted at shutting down Porzingis when asked about his availability going forward.

"“We’ll see,’’ “There haven’t been setbacks in terms of an injury. I don’t know if it’s the worth the risk.’’"

It would not make much sense to push Porzingis for something so meaningless as Summer League. Fisher might as well not test him too much and allow him to come in healthy for training camp.

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Porzingis averaged 20.5 minutes in New York’s first four games in Summer League. Porzingis has shown glimpse of his potential in limited minutes, especially surprising is his defensive ability. Although Porzingis is extremely light for his frame, he is able to move his feet quickly and contest well with his size.

Fisher was asked if Porzingis’ Summer League performance was enough to get him into the Knicks’ starting lineup, Fisher had this to say.

"“I wouldn’t judge anybody based on summer league if he’s starting or not,’’ “We’ll have plenty of time to come up with the best lineups to start as well as come off bench. It’s a really long way away. Training camp and preseason will impact that. Kristaps hasn’t really played against the type of guys he’ll play against during the regular season. We’ll have to see. There isn’t anything he hasn’t done [here] that doesn’t bode well for him going forward.’’"

It would seem if Porzingis is already tired from 20 minutes per game in Summer League, he would best be suited coming off the bench. Maybe this might be for the better, to be brought along slowly instead of being thrown to the wolves. If Porzingis is brought off the bench, the Knicks can also temper expectations. Which could allow for him to develop slowly without the mass scrutinization he would be under if he was a starter.

Either way it will be great to watch Porzingis grow and develop as a New York Knick and I look forward to it.