Unexpected person claps back at Jimmy Butler for taking lame shots at Knicks

Enjoy Cancun.
New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler
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The New York Knicks are back in the semifinals for the second straight year, but they'll face the Pacers this time. Like 2023 against Miami, New York has homecourt advantage over Indiana as the higher seed.

If the Heat had beaten the Sixers in the Play-In Tournament, Miami and New York would've faced off in the first round. The Heat secured the No. 8 seed, which set them up for a first-round clash with the top-ranked Celtics. Miami stole a game but lost the series, 4-1.

Jimmy Butler missed the postseason with an MCL injury. After the Heat were eliminated, Butler said that Boston would "be at home" if he played, as would New York. If Miami and New York had advanced to the ECF, there would've been a rematch.

Josh Hart hilariously responded to Butler's random shot on Instagram.

Butler even mentioned his former head coach Tom Thibodeau. He said Thibs "wants" him but that he doesn't want Thibs. Butler said he loves Thibodeau but wants to "beat him to a pulp." Thibs was asked about Butler's rant, to which he said:

Pat Riley addresses Jimmy Butler's anti-Knicks rant

On Monday, Pat Riley held his end-of-season press conference. Riley was asked about Butler's comments, and he said he wondered if the forward was trolling or if he was being serious. It doesn't matter to Riley because Butler has no room to talk because the Heat are no longer in the playoffs.

It's weird for Riley and Knicks fans to be on the same side again, but Butler brought them together. Miami's president is right. You didn't see Julius Randle sound off on the Sixers in the first round and say that Philadelphia would've been swept if he had played. Nor will Randle say anything like that in the second round.

There's no denying that the Heat-Celtics first-round series would've gone differently if Butler had played, just like the Pacers-Bucks series where Giannis Antetokounmpo missed all six games. Butler isn't the only injured star, even though that's what he's acting like. As Riley said, you can't talk if you're in Cancun! He didn't add the Cancun part, but you get the gist.

Enjoy the offseason, Jimmy.