Tom Thibodeau provides positive injury update on Knicks star Julius Randle

Julius Randle's been sidelined with a dislocated shoulder.

New York Knicks, Julius Randle
New York Knicks, Julius Randle / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

At this point in the NBA season, teams need all the positivity they can get. Making it to the All-Star break is like crossing a finish line and collapsing out of exhaustion. The New York Knicks will crawl over that line when they play their final game before the break on Wednesday in Orlando.

If it hasn't been one thing for the Knicks, it's another. Mitchell Robinson went down in mid-December with an ankle injury, but thanks to Isaiah Hartenstein, New York persevered. Once Julius Randle dislocated his shoulder at the end of January, concern started to set in. That was followed by OG Anunoby's elbow inflammation, which then turned into bone spur irritation that required surgery.

Hartenstein's missed the past couple of games with a sore Achilles, while Donte DiVincenzo suffered a hamstring injury in Monday's loss. If it isn't painfully obvious, the Knicks need the All-Star break. To be honest, they need it to be longer than a week.

An injured player that fans have been wondering most about is Randle. In early February, it was reported that he would be out for a few weeks, but there hasn't been an update. Well, until now.

Before the game against the Rockets, Thibodeau gave a positive update on the three-time All-Star.

"He was in my office the day before we left [for Houston]; we had a great visit, went through some stuff,” the Knicks coach said before Monday’s 105-103 loss to the Rockets. “We’re already processing what the next things are. He’s doing very well overall. And the thing that’s unfortunate; he was playing at such a high level when he took on the injury. And I said it at the time, the one great thing about him is he’s in great shape."

“So, I think that makes it — not easier; it’s never easy to come back, but because of the fact that he’s in great shape, I think coming back happens faster because of that."

Tom Thibodeau, via New York Post

Tom Thibodeau says Julius Randle is doing "very well overall" after shoulder injury

As Thibodeau noted, it's key that Randle was in good shape when he went down with the injury, as that's helped him in his recovery.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst has warned that when Randle returns, there's a good chance he'll still be experiencing a level of discomfort. A dislocated shoulder isn't an easy injury to bounce back from. Like the ankle injury Randle suffered at the end of the 2022-23 regular season (and tweaked in the playoffs), he could undergo offseason surgery.

The silver lining is that Randle's been able to rest, which will benefit him when he returns. Hopefully, he'll be back to playing 40+ minutes in no time! Okay, maybe not that, but it will be nice seeing him back on the floor. Be careful with him, Thibodeau.