Sixers fan proves New York Knicks playoff fear is real for conference foes

Is a Knicks-Sixers first round playoff series in the cards?

New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers
New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

In Monday's win over the Warriors, the New York Knicks proved that even when they're not healthy, they're still not a team you should want to play. Of course, it helps to have Jalen Brunson, who has blossomed into a star since signing with New York in free agency.

Knicks fans have been dreaming about a fully healthy squad. OG Anunoby returned from elbow surgery, but only for a few games before the injury flared up. New York traded for Anunoby on Dec. 30, and he's yet to play in a game with Mitchell Robinson. Anunoby's last game before surgery (Jan. 27) was when Julius Randle dislocated his shoulder.

Believe it or not, the playoffs will start in a month. The biggest question has been: Will the Knicks be healthy for the postseason? Anunoby's setback is discouraging, but New York has received good news.

According to SNY's Ian Begley's sources, Randle is still on track to play again this season. Begley also added that Anunoby's elbow has improved over the past few days. As for Robinson, he went through his first full practice on Wednesday in Denver.

Things seem to be coming together. If the Knicks roll out a fully healthy team for the playoffs, fans will rejoice, but their first-round opponent won't.

Sixers fan says he doesn't want Philly to face Knicks in first round of playoffs

On the latest episode of the 'You Know Ball' podcast, the hosts discussed the teams the Sixers should least want to face in the playoffs.

If Philadelphia finishes as the No. 6 team in the conference and New York climbs to No. 3, the Knicks will have homecourt advantage over the Sixers in the first round. TrillBroDude is a Sixers fan and made it known that'd be a nightmare matchup for Philly.

Joel Embiid has been out since the end of January. He underwent knee surgery in early February but is expected to return in time for the playoffs. It's not surprising that Philadelphia has struggled without him. Even when he returns (if that happens), he'll still have to take some time to get up to speed. Recovering from a knee injury, especially for a player like Embiid, is no joke.

With Donovan Mitchell out for at least a week, the Knicks could sneak into the No. 3 spot. The Sixers will continue to fight to avoid the Play-In, but their reward could be a first-round matchup with New York, which wouldn't be much of a reward.

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