Scott Perry proposes trade idea that would shift Knicks' starting lineup

New York Knicks, Scott Perry
New York Knicks, Scott Perry / Paul Bereswill/GettyImages

Since Scott Perry's contract as New York Knicks GM expired after the 2022-23 season, he's been spending part of his free time voicing his opinion on the direction he thinks the organization should take.

On NBA Today last week, Perry said he believes New York should trade for a player, but not a star. He brought up his tenure in Detroit, where the Pistons traded for Rasheed Wallace in the second half of the 2003-04 season and went on to win a title.

On The Michael Kay Show on Tuesday, Perry went more in depth about the kind of player he thinks the Knicks should seek in a trade.

Former Knicks GM suggests trade that would push RJ Barrett to shooting guard

Scott Perry wants to see New York get a player that can "create offense off the dribble" as well as provide "size and defensive versatility." He said such a move would allow for RJ Barrett to be the team's starting shooting guard, where "he'd be big every night against opponents."

He emphasized the importance of size in the playoffs, and said such a trade wouldn't sacrifice the Knicks' athleticism. Perry said the move would either take the team "slightly upward" or "largely upward."

New York was reportedly interested in trading for Paul George over the summer, and he's the kind of player that fits Perry's description. Of course, his injury history is a concern. There's also Brandon Ingram, and his situation is one to monitor if the Pelicans can't put together a complete season. After 2023-24, Ingram will have one full year left on his current contract.

Mikal Bridges is a dream option, but there's a low chance that the Nets would trade him to the Knicks if he were made available.

New York is in a unique position. The possibility of Joel Embiid requesting a trade has shot down with Tyrese Maxey's rise, but it's a long season and his situation could change. Embiid's a player that the Knicks have been monitoring. There's also Donovan Mitchell, who could opt to not sign an extension with the Cavaliers during the 2024 offseason.

If the team doesn't go after a star, maybe the front office should take Scott Perry's opinion into consideration, even though he's no longer with the organization.