Knicks current draft picks updated after the Mikal Bridges blockbuster

The Knicks still have draft capital after the Mikal Bridges trade.
New York Knicks, Mikal Bridges
New York Knicks, Mikal Bridges / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks made a massive swing to acquire Mikal Bridges from the Brooklyn Nets, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. They gave up Bojan Bogdanovic, five first-round picks, one first-round swap, and one second-round pick to get the 6’6 wing and a second-rounder from Brooklyn. He completes their Villanova core and gives New York a shot to compete for a championship in 2025.

The Knicks are far from done this offseason. There are Mitchell Robinson trade rumors, and the franchise must sort out what to do with two key free agents. They want to keep OG Anunoby, but he is an unrestricted free agent. The team also could love to keep Isaiah Hartenstein in free agency. That becomes more difficult with Bridges on their books. New York is all-in on contending and fans can be sure their current core is here to stay.

The Knicks gave up a ton of draft picks in the Bridges trade, but what is left? Here is a look at their current capital.

Knicks updated draft picks after Mikal Bridges trade

2024 NBA Draft

  • 1st round pick via Mavericks (24th overall)
  • 1st round pick (25th overall)
  • 2nd round pick (38th overall)


  • 1st round pick via Detroit (Top 13 protected)
  • 1st round pick via Washington (Top 10 protected)
  • 2nd round pick via Brooklyn
  • 2nd round pick via Detroit (Top 55 protected)


  • 1st round pick
  • 2nd round pick via Minnesota
  • 2nd round pick via Brooklyn


  • 2nd round pick


  • 1st round pick (Brooklyn owns the right to swap)
  • 2nd round pick via Indiana or Phoenix


  • 2nd round pick via Indiana or Washington


  • 1st round pick
  • 2nd round pick


  • 2nd round pick

After giving up five first-round picks in one trade, New York still has plenty of capital. They have two selections in the 2024 NBA Draft plus two other first-rounders that could be traded if the right deal comes along. That does not mention their nine second-round picks that could be moved.

Leon Rose has done an excellent job building their roster. The Knicks have rebuilt Villanova’s national championship team in the Big Apple. Mikal Bridges was the missing piece, and New York hopes he is the final part of their championship formula. If not, the Knicks can still make more moves to upgrade their roster.

The New York Knicks made a blockbuster deal to open the movement, but things are far from done. The 2024 NBA Draft begins on June 26 and free agency opens just four days later. There will be plenty of excitement and additions. Can the Knicks become an unquestioned title contender? Stay tuned to find out.