NBA Standings ordered by rebounds: Knicks dominant on the glass

San Antonio Spurs v New York Knicks
San Antonio Spurs v New York Knicks / Elsa/GettyImages

Remember how dominant Mitchell Robinson was in the New York Knicks' first-round playoff series against the Cavaliers? Not only did he embarrass Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen, but he helped the Knicks secure the win.

To start 2023-24, Robinson has been a monster on the glass. He's averaging a career-high 11.7 rebounds per game, up from the 9.4 he averaged last season. Nikola Jokic (13.9), Domantas Sabonis (12.8), and Rudy Gobert (12.4) are the only three players in the league who are averaging more rebounds per game than Robinson.

Robinson does lead the league in offensive rebounds per game at 5.8. As Tom Thibodeau has said many times, the big man is the best offensive rebounder in the NBA.

New York's starting center has played a large part in the team's rebounding success, but he isn't the only one. Julius Randle is averaging a career-best 10.3 rebounds per game, followed by Josh Hart, who's averaging 6.6 per game. With that trio leading the way, it's no wonder that the Knicks have one of the highest averages in the league.

NBA standings ordered by rebounds per game: Where do the Knicks rank?

Eastern Conference

1. Boston Celtics (47.9)

2. New York Knicks (47.2)

3. Toronto Raptors (46.9)

4. Brooklyn Nets (46.8)

5. Philadelphia Sixers (46.3)

6. Detroit Pistons (46.1)

7. Charlotte Hornets (45.4)

T-8. Atlanta Hawks (44.6)

T-8. Cleveland Cavaliers (44.6)

T-8. Orlando Magic (44.6)

9. Chicago Bulls (42.3)

10. Indiana Pacers (41.9)

11. Miami Heat (41.7)

12. Milwaukee Bucks (40.9)

13. Washington Wizards (39.5)

Boston is the best rebounding team in the league, led by Jayson Tatum's 8.8 boards per game. Former Knick Kristaps Porzingis is averaging the third-most rebounds per game on the team (6.2).

Last season, the Knicks finished with 46.6 rebounds per game, the third-best in the league.

Western Conference

1. Utah Jazz (47.4)

2. Golden State Warriors (47.2)

3. Minnesota Timberwolves (46.4)

4. Phoenix Suns (45.4)

5. Denver Nuggets (44.5)

T-6. Sacramento Kings (44.2)

T-6. New Orleans Pelicans (44.2)

7. Los Angeles Lakers (43.6)

8. Houston Rockets (43.3)

9. Los Angeles Clippers (43.1)

10. Portland Trail Blazers (42.5)

11. Dallas Mavericks (42.1)

T-12. San Antonio Spurs (42)

T-12. Memphis Grizzlies (43)

13. Oklahoma City Thunder (40.6)

The Jazz (4-7) sit in the bottom half of the West but are the top rebounding team in the conference. The trio of Lauri Markkanen (8.6), John Collins (8.2), and Walker Kessler (7.9) are leading the way.

Last season, the Grizzlies finished tied for first in the league with 46.6 rebounds per game. The loss of Steven Adams, who averaged 11.5 boards in 2022-23, has caused Memphis to plummet down the standings in 2023-24.