NBA Rumors: Knicks not actively trying to trade top player with uncertain future

This is good news.
New York Knicks
New York Knicks / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The New York Knicks have several contract decisions this summer, including with Julius Randle. The three-time All-Star will be eligible to sign an extension, and there's already been a lot of debate about whether the front office will offer him one.

Randle's season was cut short after dislocating his shoulder at the end of January. He tried to come back but ultimately made the wise decision to undergo surgery rather than risk hurting his shoulder even more.

Throughout the playoffs, fans continuously thought about how things would've played out if Randle were healthy. That's a question that fans will ponder for years to come, especially given the other injuries New York dealt with.

Most fans would like to see the Knicks run it back with Randle rather than trade him for a player of lesser value (like Mikal Bridges). Shams Charania reported that opposing teams are "monitoring" the forward's extension situation. There's always the chance that Randle could be included in a trade, especially if New York cashes in its assets for a star.

Knicks are not actively trying to trade Julius Randle this offseason

On Friday, The Athletic's Fred Katz reported that New York is not actively trying to trade Randle (subscription required) but that the front office knows a trade could happen.

"The Knicks are not trying to trade Randle, but they recognize that their quest for a star could require having to do so. If a suitable target does not pop up this summer, then they could turn their eyes to the 2025 trade deadline, hoping to land one then."

Fred Katz, The Athletic

As Katz noted, Randle will be eligible to sign an extension on Aug. 3. By then, the draft and free agency will be in the rearview mirror. Maybe the Knicks will have even traded for another star. Once the beginning of August rolls around, the front office will have a good idea of the direction they're headed in.

Even though some fans are desperate for New York to make a big splash this summer, running it back with Randle wouldn't be a bad option. Remember how the Knicks looked in January before Randle and OG Anunoby went down? If the right star doesn't become available, the 2024-25 roster could look similar to the 2023-24 roster.