What's the NBA record for blocks in a game?

Brooklyn Nets v New York Knicks
Brooklyn Nets v New York Knicks / Elsa/GettyImages

The New York Knicks have one of the most dominant paint presences in the league in Mitchell Robinson, but as a team, average the lowest blocks per game in the NBA. Robinson's averaging 1.0 block per game, which is a drop-off from the 1.8 blocks he averaged in the past two seasons. He's still off to his hottest start yet.

Players like Anthony Davis, Victor Wembanyama, and Rudy Gobert have racked up blocked shots this season. Wembanyama's absurd wingspan allows him to block shots he has no business getting to. He's in his rookie season, and he'll continue to grow more dominant from all areas of the floor.

Looking back through history, there have been plenty of superior big men down low, including a player who still holds the record for most blocks in a single game.

What's the NBA record for blocks in a game?

Elmore Smith recorded 17 blocks (subscription required) for the Lakers in a game against the Trail Blazers on Oct. 28, 1973.

Shaquille O'Neal (Nov. 20, 1993) and Manute Bol (Jan. 25, 1986 and Feb. 26, 1987) each recorded 15 blocks.

Who has recorded the most blocks in a single season?

Mark Eaton (Jazz) finished the 1984-85 season with 456 blocks, the most in NBA history. Manute Bol (Wizards) posted 397 blocks in 1985-86.

Which current NBA player has posted the most blocks in a game this season?

Brook Lopez finished with eight blocks on Nov. 3 in a 110-105 win over the Bucks. Mitchell Robinson is tied for fourth in the league with several other players for the four blocks he posted in a 126-120 win over the Hawks on Oct. 27.

Which Knicks player has the most blocks in 2023-24?

 Mitchell Robinson leads New York with 10 blocks.

Who has recorded the most blocks for the Knicks in a single season?

Patrick Ewing finished with 327 blocks in 1989-1990, putting him at No. 13 on the all-time list. He's also No. 33 on the list with the 281 blocks he posted in 1988-89.