Knicks' worst nightmare comes true with Jalen Brunson non-contact injury

Jalen Brunson deserves better.
New York Knicks, Jalen Brunson
New York Knicks, Jalen Brunson / Elsa/GettyImages

Things were starting to look good. The New York Knicks were still without Julius Randle, OG Anunoby, and Mitchell Robinson entering Sunday's nationally televised matchup against the Cavaliers, but that trio traveled to Cleveland. It looked as if, finally, the end was in sight.

Jalen Brunson pulled up for a shot less than a minute into the game. His lower body twitched midair, and he landed on the court, holding his left leg in pain. He tried to get up but immediately went back down. Even with assistance, Brunson struggled mightily to get off the court.

Brunson's amid a career year. He's a couple of weeks removed from his first All-Star Game appearance. He's an All-NBA candidate. If this is how his season ends, it'd be a heartbreaker, not just because it'd drastically alter the Knicks' chances in the playoffs (if they make it that far). He deserves better.

Jalen Brunson suffers apparent non-contact knee injury versus Cavaliers

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game. At this point, New York fans are used to their worst nightmare coming to life, but even Brunson suffering a non-contact injury wasn't on the radar. Why would it be? He's dealt with some minor injuries this season, but nothing too worrisome.

It's been tough for fans to watch the remainder of the game, even though the Knicks went on a run after Brunson left. Even if New York leaves Cleveland with a win, it won't feel like one. Brunson is at the forefront of the mind of every Knicks fan. There's nothing to do except prepare for the worst. Even hoping for the best feels like a stretch.

Hopefully, for Brunson's sake, the injury isn't as serious as it looked. Please, basketball gods, don't let his season end like this.

UPDATE: Tom Thibodeau said Jalen Brunson has a left knee contusion. X-Rays came back negative. There's hope!

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