Knicks might not be done adding Villanova players after Mikal Bridges trade

The Villanova Knicks might not be done.
New York Knicks
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The New York Knicks shocked the NBA world late Tuesday night when they traded for Mikal Bridges. Nobody (including Bobby Marks) thought New York and Brooklyn would do business with one another after 37 years, but the Knicks wanted Bridges, and he wanted the Knicks.

Bridges is the fourth former Villanova player on New York's roster, joining three players with whom he won a national championship in 2016. Knicks fans have already called for the front office to bring Ryan Arcidiacono back. The 30-year-old guard has had a couple of different stints in New York and is a favorite of Tom Thibodeau. He doesn't play but practices hard.

As unsurprising as it'd be for the Knicks to sign Arcidiacono to a non-guaranteed deal, there's another former Wildcat star they could sign to backup Jalen Brunson.

Shortly after the Bridges trade happened, Yahoo Sports' Jake Fischer reported that Kyle Lowry could be a target for New York in free agency.

" These Wildcat connections run deep, and Kyle Lowry has even been mentioned by NBA figures as a target for New York in free agency, sources said."

Jake Fischer, Yahoo Sports

Kyle Lowry rumored to be a Knicks free agency target

Lowry started the 2023-24 season in Miami and was traded to Charlotte at the end of January. He didn't play in a game for the Hornets, and the two sides agreed to a buyout.

Because the Knicks traded Immanuel Quickley, they needed a backup point guard and were interested in signing Lowry. He decided to sign with his hometown team, the Sixers. The 38-year-old averaged 8.0 points and 4.6 assists with Philadelphia, shooting 44.4% from the field and 40.4% from three.

NBA insider Marc Stein reported that Lowry is "widely expected" to re-sign with the Sixers (subscription required) as an unrestricted free agent this summer. However, if there's a team that could sway Lowry to leave Philly, it's New York. He played at Villanova from 2004-06, so he wasn't around to play with Brunson, Hart, DiVincenzo, and Bridges. Still, they share that Wildcat connection.

The Knicks are strapped financially, but Lowry won't command much money. His prime is over. He isn't the playmaker he once was, but there's still gas left in his tank. As much as New York fans despise Lowry, that will change if he becomes a Knick.

It might seem like New York is interested in players simply because they went to Villanova, but that's untrue. Brunson, Hart, DiVincenzo, and Bridges fit their culture. Lowry would too.

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