Josh Hart claps back at Candace Parker for blatantly wrong Jalen Brunson playoff take

You should've known Josh Hart was going to put in his two cents.
New York Knicks, Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart
New York Knicks, Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Josh Hart wasn't going to let this one slide. Before the New York Knicks' TNT matchup against the Nets on Tuesday, Candace Parker said something about Jalen Brunson that was utterly untrue.

While discussing the 2023 playoffs, Parker said that Brunson had a "great" first-round performance but that it didn't carry over to the second round. The Knicks struggled as a whole against the Heat in the second round, but Brunson didn't. He averaged 31 points and shot 50% from the field in the six games against Miami.

Maybe Parker assumed that because New York lost the series 4-2, it meant Brunson didn't show up, which wasn't at all the case. Parker's take has made its rounds on Knicks Twitter, and Hart even decided to weigh in.

Josh Hart responds to Candace Parker's Jalen Brunson playoff take

Ben Stiller, who is perhaps the biggest Knicks fan of all, responded to Hart's tweet with a short and sweet reply.

Parker obviously wasn't trying to get on the bad side of New York fans, but she still managed to do so. Everyone makes mistakes, but for someone who's part of TNT's commentary crew, it wasn't a good look for the network or Parker.

Even Erik Spoelstra was at a loss for words about how Brunson wasn't named an All-Star or All-NBA player last year. The Heat coach said he wishes the point guard "was still out West" with the Mavericks. He went on about how much of an "incredible competitor" Brunson is. That's how much of an impact he made in his first postseason with the Knicks.

It's not as if Parker doesn't know basketball. She was coached by the great Pat Summit at Tennessee and has won three WNBA titles, two WNBA MVPs, and one WNBA Finals MVP. It wouldn't be a surprise if Parker spoke out and admitted she was wrong because there's no way she could justify what she said. It's fine to have differing opinions, but as the numbers show, Parker was completely mistaken.

Brunson might be asked about Parker's comment in the coming days, but knowing him, it isn't something he cares much about. He keeps his head down and focuses on helping the Knicks win basketball games, something he's pretty good at. As for Hart, he's always going to defend one of his best friends.

Hopefully, Parker will get the chance to pay more attention to Brunson's game when the 2024 postseason rolls around.