Josh Hart's response to breaking Knicks minutes streak will crack fans up

Josh Hart didn't break the 40-minute mark in Tuesday's win.
New York Knicks, Josh Hart
New York Knicks, Josh Hart / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Josh Hart's workload increased dramatically when Julius Randle and OG Anunoby were sidelined after the New York Knicks win over the Heat on Jan. 27. In the 19 games he's played since then, he's averaged 40.7 minutes per contest.

Hart has been vocal about the high minutes he's been playing. After the Knicks traded for Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks on Feb. 8, he hilariously expressed his enthusiasm on X about having two new teammates in the rotation. When the MSG crowd was chanting for Tom Thibodeau to put Taj Gibson in the game, Hart said he was chanting it too because he was so tired.

If there's one thing about Hart, it's that he will complain, but doing so won't keep him from doing whatever's asked of him. He has a winner's mentality, and it's part of why he fits seamlessly in New York.

Speaking of players who have fit seamlessly with the Knicks, OG Anunoby returned to the lineup on Tuesday after missing the past 18 games with an elbow injury. Hart was happy about that, mainly because it meant he wouldn't have to spend so much time on the floor. Anunoby ended Hart's nine-game streak of playing at least 40+ minutes. He finished with 39 minutes.

Josh Hart celebrates snapping 40 minute streak in Knicks win over Sixers

In those 39 minutes, Hart recorded 20 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 assists. It marked his fourth career triple-double, all of which have come in the past few months. Again, he will complain about his minutes, but he will go out there and give it all he's got.

Hart even complained about Thibodeau not letting him stay in the game until he reached 20 rebounds, which would've been a career-high.

What did Thibodeau have to say about that?

Make up your mind, Josh! On second thought, you can say what you want if you're going to keep playing the way you have been.

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