'I've owned this building' — Josh Hart and Knicks Twitter roasts Reggie Miller

Nice try, TNT.
New York Knicks, Josh Hart
New York Knicks, Josh Hart / Elsa/GettyImages

For the brave New York Knicks fans who didn't mute Game 2's TNT broadcast, the 130-121 win over the Pacers was much sweeter. Listening to Reggie Miller and Stan Van Gundy isn't for the weak.

Before tip-off, Miller said, "I've owned this city. I've owned this building." May 7 marked 29 years since Miller scored eight points in nine seconds to beat the Knicks in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Not to diminish what was (unfortunately) an incredible feat, but Miller went 7-27 in games played at MSG. It's a stretch to say he owned the city and building. Still, TNT decided to have Miller on the call for the first Knicks-Pacers semifinals matchup in 11 years. Too bad he didn't get the end result he or Indiana wanted!

With under a minute left to play, fans at MSG broke out in a "F*** you, Reggie" chant.

Josh Hart, who recorded another 48-minute game, strolled over to Miller to ensure the former Pacer knew what Knicks fans were chanting.

Knicks fans roast Reggie Miller after New York takes 2-0 series lead

Okay, Kendrick Perkins isn't technically a Knicks fan, and he tweeted before the game ended, but his opinion is still worth sharing. You'd think everyone tuned into the game to listen to Miller talk about his glory days rather than watch New York and Indiana in the year 2024.

Never change, Frank.

Reggie had the best seat in the house! You know he was happy when the Pacers went into the half with a 10-point lead, but then Jalen Brunson happened. After missing the second quarter with a sore right foot, he scored 24 points in the second half. Brunson channeled his inner Willis Reed.

The last tweet goes to Knicks super fan Ben Stiller, who popped into Miller's live hit before the game started.

Reggie, we'd say you're welcome to return to MSG anytime, but you're not. Thanks for stopping by, though! We hope you enjoyed the win.