Grading free agency moves that the Knicks' division rivals made

The Atlantic Division has gotten stronger.
New York Knicks
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Philadelphia Sixers

Free agency moves

- F Kelly Oubre Jr. returns on two-year deal

- F Paul George agrees to four-year max deal

- C Andre Drummond agrees to two-year deal

- G Eric Gordon agrees to two-year deal

The Sixers made the biggest Eastern Conference free-agent splash by luring Paul George to Philadelphia after he and Los Angeles agreed to part ways. He signed a four-year, $212 million deal. The Clippers didn't want to add a fourth year, but the Sixers did.

We can go on all day about George's age and injury history, especially now that he'll play alongside Joel Embiid, who has a concerning injury history. Even with that, Philadelphia made the best possible free agency move it could make. Will Daryl Morey regret giving a four-year deal to a 34-year-old? Probably. However, the Sixers needed to be aggressive and pair another star alongside Embiid and Tyrese Maxey (who signed an extension).

Philadelphia also brought back Kelly Oubre Jr., who upped his value significantly in 2023-24. As much as New York fans loved Paul Reed minutes in the first round of the playoffs, Philadelphia fixed its depth behind Embiid by signing Andre Drummond. The Sixers also brought in Eric Gordon, who averaged 11 points for the Suns this past season.

After Philadelphia's first-round exit to New York, Morey needed to make changes. He delievered. On paper, the Sixers will be a good team. Injuries might get in the way of that, but only time will tell.

Grade: A