Grade the Trade: Knicks pay high price for Walker Kessler in mock proposal

Walker Kessler is a hot name on the trade market.
New York Knicks, Utah Jazz, Walker Kessler
New York Knicks, Utah Jazz, Walker Kessler / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Would the Knicks say yes?

If McBride wasn't included, this is a deal New York would have to seriously consider. Even with McBride, it's a deal worth considering. The Knicks need a quality backup center, and it could mean giving up their top homegrown talent.

This isn't a trade that would set New York back, but there's reason to believe Leon Rose wouldn't give it the green light. Walker would be a big upgrade for the Knicks. He's the kind of rim-protecting center that Tom Thibodeau loves. He's big on the boards, too.

New York has already committed to giving Tyler Kolek a record-setting $6.6 million guaranteed money. It's still too early to know how Kolek's NBA career will pan out, but the 23-year-old could eventually take the backup point guard role. Still, trading McBride for Kessler wouldn't be a no-brainer move. It'd happen after a long, thought-out process.

Some fans will hate this trade proposal, some will feel neutral about it, and others will hate it. If the Knicks did it (and again, the Jazz would likely want better draft picks), it'd be surprising, but it wouldn't set them back. It'd give them their possible starting center of the future in Kessler. Would that be enough for the front office to do it?

Grade: C-

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