Grade the Trade: Knicks land coveted target from rival in mock proposal

Is this a trade the Knicks should consider before Feb. 8?
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Would the Knicks make this trade?

It seems as if Grimes isn't gone before the deadline, he will be in the offseason. The same can be said about Fournier. New York isn't attached to either player, but the front office does need to be careful about who they're traded for.

The Knicks want another ballhandler/facilitator and need scoring off the bench. Brown was a secondary ballhandler with the Nuggets, a role he did well in (especially in the playoffs). He's a 48.1% shooter from the field but not a strong three-point shooter. The issue is that he isn't a shot creator, something New York needs.

Brown is a valuable veteran with championship experience who plays tough defense, which is probably why he's a favorite of Tom Thibodeau. He would've been a Knick in free agency if the organization could've afforded him. Brown might not move the needle enough based on New York's needs, but then again, he certainly wouldn't be a bad option to come off the bench.

As mentioned, Brown's contract would help facilitate a trade for a star, but that isn't the only reason the Knicks are interested in trading him. He's a solid player, evidenced by his stints in Brooklyn and Denver. While it wouldn't be surprising if New York traded for Brown, this might not be the best deal for the Knicks to make.

Grade: C-