Full details of Knicks' trade for OG Anunoby finalized after recent draft pick

The Raptors' No. 31 pick in the 2024 draft finalized the OG Anunoby trade.
New York Knicks, OG Anunoby
New York Knicks, OG Anunoby / Elsa/GettyImages

On the second-to-last day of 2023, the New York Knicks came out of left field with an unexpected trade with one of their division rivals. New York sent RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley to Toronto for OG Anunoby in a move that caused ripple effects throughout the league.

Knicks fans struggled with the fact that two of their top homegrown stars were gone, but it didn't take long for Anunoby to prove why the trade happened. He fit seamlessly alongside New York's starters, and the team was nearly unstoppable in January.

Unfortunately, January 27 changed things. Julius Randle dislocated his shoulder against the Heat, which was also Anunoby's last game before minor elbow surgery.

The wing returned at the end of the regular season but was sidelined again in the second round with a hamstring injury. The Knicks finished the 2023-24 season with a 26-5 record with Anunoby in the lineup. It was apparent they needed to retain him, or else the trade would've been for nothing.

New York would've rightfully been flamed if it had lost Barrett and Quickley for a six-month OG rental, but luckily, that didn't happen. Anunoby agreed to sign a five-year deal worth more than $210 million to stay in New York.

Raptors officially close OG Anunoby trade with Knicks after 2024 draft

Toronto made two moves with its return package from Anunoby. Quickley signed a five-year, $175 million deal to stay with the Raptors as a restricted free agent, and the organization drafted Jonathan Mogbo with the 2024 second-round pick the Knicks sent via the Pistons in the trade.

Mogbo is an undersized center who averaged 14.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.6 steals per game last season, shooting 63.6% from the field. The 22-year-old spent 2023-24 at the University of San Francisco.

Ultimately, New York and Toronto got what they wanted from the Anunoby trade. The Knicks locked in one of the best defensive wings in the league, and the Raptors retained their point guard of the future and added to their frontcourt depth.

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