France national team coach advocates for Knicks-Evan Fournier trade

New York Knicks, Evan Fournier
New York Knicks, Evan Fournier / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Evan Fournier wants the New York Knicks to trade him. Fans want the Knicks to trade him. So, why hasn't he been traded?

Fournier's making $18.9 million this season. It's been a year since he was removed from the rotation, and the belief was that he would be traded before last February's deadline.

New York didn't want to attach draft compensation to Fournier's contract, so he stayed put for the remainder of 2022-23. Even when the team struggled from three in the playoffs, the guard stayed on the bench. Once the Knicks were eliminated, Fournier said he knew he wouldn't be back.

After an offseason where Fournier aired out his frustrations about being removed from the rotation, he was still on New York's roster entering training camp. He said he was going to make it hard for Tom Thibodeau to ignore him, but it took until Nov. 17 for Fournier to make his season debut, and that was because of injuries.

In 16 minutes against the Wizards, he shot 1-of-6 from the field and 0-of-4 for two points. After the game, Fournier said he "felt out of rhythm" and he's been listed as out for the past two games with ankle inflammation.

As much as Fournier wants a second chance, it isn't going to happen with the Knicks. At this point, he's waiting on a trade, as is French national team head coach Vincent Collet.

French national team coach says Evan Fournier 'should be able to leave' Knicks

Evan Fournier turned 31 at the end of October, and he could be a contributor elsewhere. It's understandable why Vincent Collet believes that the guard should be able to leave the Knicks, but it isn't that simple.

The four-year, $78 million contract that Fournier signed during the 2021 offseason is what's holding him back. It's no secret that New York is on the search for a star to trade for, and Fournier's salary could help to make such a deal work. The good news for him is that regardless, this will be his last season with the Knicks.

Quentin Grimes took Fournier's starting spot last season, and even when he missed a couple of games this season with a sprained wrist, it was Donte DiVincenzo who replaced him in the starting five. In case it hasn't been made obvious, Fournier isn't on Thibodeau's radar.

For now, Evan Fournier will have to continue to do what he's done for the past year, which is to stay ready for when his number is called.