Bleacher Report's 'dream' Knicks trade might not be in the cards anymore

The 2023-24 season could've changed how the front office feels.

New York Knicks
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The New York Knicks outperformed expectations in 2022-23, so much so that the belief was that if the front office traded for a superstar in the offseason, the team would be a true contender. The summer passed without New York making its big move. With another offseason around the corner, prepare for the Knicks to be linked to every possible star again.

Joel Embiid was a hot topic last summer. All eyes were on the Sixers and their James Harden saga, one they successfully found their way out of. Harden got his wish of returning home to Los Angeles, and Philadelphia got rid of someone who didn't want to be around. It was a win-win move.

Luck hasn't been on the Sixers' side this season, though. Embiid's been out since late January after undergoing meniscus surgery on his left knee. There was some doubt over whether or not he'd be able to return in time for the playoffs, but on Saturday, Nick Nurse said he's "pretty confident" the big man will be back.

Even though Embiid's expected to return, his knee will most likely still be an issue, so it wouldn't be surprising if Philadelphia came up short of the Eastern Conference Finals (again). If that happens, you can bet the Embiid trade rumors will be red hot.

Knicks should strongly consider not trading for Joel Embiid if he's available

Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz wrote about 'dream offseason trade scenarios' for every NBA team, including the Knicks. Unsurprisingly, Swartz listed Embiid as New York's top target.

"The Knicks' dream is to have Embiid request a trade at some point while New York is waiting with first-round picks and any player not named Jalen Brunson to put into a deal."

Greg Swartz, Bleacher Report

Last summer, New York was reportedly hoping Embiid would ask out. It might be a good thing that didn't happen. Yes, when Embiid is healthy, he's nearly impossible to stop. However, his injury history should be a red flag for the Knicks. The front office shouldn't want to go all-in on a 30-year-old superstar who may not be available when it matters most.

Embiid has struggled in the postseason, too. The reason New York would make a big trade is to help the team get over the playoff hump. Embiid looks good on paper but might not be the player the Knicks should go after. The 2023-24 season has proven that much.

If Embiid were to ask out (and there's no guarantee he will), Philadelphia wouldn't want to send him to New York, anyway. If that were his preferred destination, the Sixers wouldn't be obligated to make it happen. It doesn't matter how much you've given an organization. It's a business.

The next couple of months will tell us who the Knicks could pursue in the offseason. Maybe it'll be Embiid, or maybe it won't.

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