3 Trades that would improve the Knicks' bench ahead of the deadline

The Knicks need to add a scorer off the bench.
Feb 7, 2022; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson (00) drives with the ball
Feb 7, 2022; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson (00) drives with the ball / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports
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Knicks get 2023 Sixth Man of the Year

Brogdon trade

Brogdon has been in a flurry of trade rumors after being sent to Portland over the summer in order for the Celtics to acquire Jrue Holiday. The Trail Blazers are rebuilding with their young guards in Scoot Henderson, Anfernee Simons, and Shaedon Sharpe. Brogdon has kept his production up but takes minutes away from developing talents as the team sits at a 10-26 record.

This move would also give the Blazers Fournier's contract (the Knicks don't have much flexibility with contracts), but similar to the Clarkson trade, Portland saves $3.6 million. They also gain a first-round pick in next year's draft, albeit a late pick, considering it's from the Bucks, but still. Plus, they would only have to give up a second-round pick three years down the line.

As for the Knicks, they get an actual point guard who can work in multiple areas. The bottom line is this bench needs scoring, and Brogdon fits the description. Plus, he's still a solid all-around player with 5.2 assists per game and a 114.1 defensive rating.

Brogdon was the 2023 Sixth Man of the Year. However, at 31 years old, he isn't as valuable as any other reigning award-winners. He's also making $22.5 million this season AND next season, making suitors hesitant to give up future assets for him.

While it is a slightly more unattractive move compared to the other two, 14.9 points per game would be attractive enough for the Knicks to replace Quickley with an above-average floor general.