3 Teams who could trade for Knicks guard Quentin Grimes amid rumors

The Knicks are reportedly open to trading Grimes before the deadline.

Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks
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1. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are a team that's expressed interest in Grimes before, so it isn't surprising that they're interested in him now.

Dejounte Murray is a player to whom the Knicks have been linked to; as Begley reported, there are people within the organization who feel that the Hawks guard would be a good fit alongside Jalen Brunson. Like Clarkson, though, Murray's price could keep New York away.

If the Knicks were to seriously pursue Murray as the trade deadline draws nearer, it'd be a no-brainer to throw Grimes into the deal. Atlanta would likely demand that. Murray's defense has dropped in Atlanta, but Grimes is used to guarding the opposing team's best player. He wouldn't be a bad fit alongside Trae Young, who's notorious for not playing defense.

It'd be difficult for New York to throw Grimes into a trade by himself with his $2.3 million salary, which is why, if anything, he'd be part of a package for a bigger name. There's no rush for the Knicks to trade Grimes, as he's signed through 2024-25. If a trade doesn't come to fruition before Feb. 8, one could happen in the offseason. Depending on what's occurred at that point, these same teams could still be interested in the guard.