3 Teams that could steal OG Anunoby from the Knicks this offseason

OG Anunoby will test the free agency waters.
New York Knicks, OG Anunoby
New York Knicks, OG Anunoby / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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1. Philadelphia Sixers

The Sixers are the Knicks' biggest threat to steal Anunoby. If Philadelphia doesn't get Paul George (who is viewed as the team's top target), Daryl Morey could offer OG more money than New York. At the very least, the Sixers could force the Knicks to up their offer.

The clock is ticking for Philadelphia. Drafting Ben Simmons didn't work out, and neither did the James Harden trade. Joel Embiid is 30 years old, and hasn't made it to an Eastern Conference Finals. Luckily for the Sixers, they have Tyrese Maxey, a 2024 first-time All-Star, but they need another star.

Anunoby doesn't fit the 'star' label but all Philadelphia needs to do is look at how he elevated New York in the second half of the season. The Knicks went 26-5 with him in the lineup. The Sixers are a different team, but they need a defensive-minded forward, hence their interest in George.

If Philadelphia makes OG an offer, he'd have to at least consider it, especially if it's more than New York's offer. The Sixers have one of the top players in the league (when healthy) and one of the best rising young players. The point of being an unrestricted free agent is to consider all options. Anunoby would be doing himself a disservice if he didn't.

Even though signing with the Sixers would have some perks (money is a big factor), OG should want to stay with the Knicks.