3 Moves the Knicks could decline to make during busy 2024 offseason

What will the Knicks do?
New York Knicks, Julius Randle
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There's a lot that the New York Knicks could do this offseason, but they could also put a few things on the back burner. Signing Tom Thibodeau to a well-deserved extension is the only move with a 99% chance of happening.

As the offseason plays out, it'll be easier to speculate about the moves New York may and not make. The draft is in a few short weeks, and the rumor frenzy has already started. A couple of days after the draft ends, the Knicks will decide on one of their newest players.

3 moves Knicks may not make during 2024 offseason

3. Guaranteeing Bojan Bogdanovic's salary

New York has until June 29 to decide whether to fully guarantee Bojan Bogdanovic's $19 million salary for 2024-25. As The Athletic's Fred Katz noted, the two sides could choose to push that date back (subscription required).

Bogdanovic's contract is essential for one key reason -- it would help the Knicks get a star. When the front office evaluated moves to make before the 2024 deadline, receiving a player with a contract that would help salaries match in a star trade was a priority. Bogdanovic fits that mold.

If New York guarantees his salary, it doesn't mean he'd be included in a trade this offseason. The organization could hold off to use him in a deal before the 2025 deadline. There's essentially no chance he'll be on the roster past February.

Even though the Knicks will likely guarantee his salary, there's always the possibility that they'll decline to do so. It seems like the best decision, especially considering New York is in a great position to trade for a star. However, James Dolan must be willing to go deep into the luxury tax. He certainly has the money to do that.