3 Knicks who need to up their playoff intensity after Julius Randle update

Julius Randle is officially out for the season.
New York Knicks, Julius Randle
New York Knicks, Julius Randle / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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1. Josh Hart

Hart has always given the Knicks 110 percent. Since Randle and Anunoby got hurt, he's averaged 11.5 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 6.0 assists per game in an average of 40.9 minutes. He's been an absolute workhorse.

With Randle out, Hart will continue to start. He makes the not-so-small hustle plays that matter that much more in the postseason. He'll still be that player, even if he does complain about it.

It would be beneficial if Hart could shoot the ball better in the playoffs. Duh, right? Let's go back to last year's second-round series against Miami. The Heat left Hart wide open and instead focused their attention on Brunson. Opposing teams could try to deploy that strategy again this year with Randle gone.

Hart isn't going to turn into a sharpshooter overnight, but knocking down a couple of shots would help open up New York's offense. He's already a good rebounder and has helped to fill that void in Randle's absence.

In August, Hart signed a four-year, $81 million extension that will start in 2024-25. He's making $12.9 million this season, and he's already earned every penny of that. He still has a ways to go, too.

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