3 Knicks who could be included in trade for long-awaited star

The Knicks are still waiting to trade for a star.
New York Knicks, Evan Fournier
New York Knicks, Evan Fournier / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Evan Fournier

If one of your first reactions to the Knicks-Raptors trade was wondering why Evan Fournier wasn't included, it was because his $18.9 million salary can help to make salaries work in a trade for a star. He'll remain in New York for the time being.

The Knicks believe that a star player won't be available until the offseason at the earliest, but that could change. New York always has the option to pick up Fournier's $19 million club option for 2024-25, which would allow the front office to use his salary in an offseason trade.

It's unfortunate for Fournier that he's been out of the rotation for over a year and hasn't been traded yet, an outcome he's been waiting for. He's even gone as far as to publicly say he wants to be traded. However, the front office has been wise to keep hold of him rather than make a smaller deal to get rid of his contract.

Luckily for Fournier, it's very likely that he's in his final weeks/months with the Knicks. Maybe by 2024-25, he'll be suiting up for a new team.