3 Knicks who could get axed from Tom Thibodeau's playoff rotation

What will the rotation look like when the Knicks are healthy?
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau
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2. Jericho Sims

Sims' minutes are at a career-low in his third season in the league. He's averaging 13.4 minutes per game, a little over two minutes less than the 15.6 he averaged in 2022-23. As a rookie, he averaged 13.5 minutes.

There's no question about the 25-year-old's athleticism. Sims can leap into the air with what seems like little effort. Sims will slow flashes of promising play, but not consistently. There have been too many times he's in the game but not making much of an impact. The potential is there, though.

With Robinson set to return and possibly come off the bench, Sims will return to his end-of-the-bench role as the third-string center. Sims could split minutes with Robinson in his first few games back so that the big man won't overdo it, but as long as Robinson doesn't experience a setback, Sims won't be in Thibs' playoff rotation.