3 Hyped 2024 NBA Draft prospects Knicks fans must watch during NCAA tournament

March Madness is here!

New York Knicks, Duke, Jared McCain
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It's been nearly two years since the New York Knicks selected a player in the NBA draft. In fact, the last one they selected was Trevor Keels, a 2022 second-round pick. New York traded him in September.

One of the only things Knicks fans used to have to look forward to was the draft, but times have changed. The Knicks are good!

Unlike 2023, New York has four 2024 first-round picks, but two (via Detroit and Washington) won't convey. That leaves the Knicks with a 1-10 protected pick via Dallas (that will convey) and their own pick.

If the front office doesn't decide to include those two picks in a trade before or during the draft, New York could leave Barclays with a couple of first-round picks. With the NCAA tournament starting this week, now's the time for Knicks fans to get familiar with a few of the 2024 draft prospects.

3 2024 NBA Draft prospects Knicks fans need to watch during March Madness

3. Donovan Clingan - UConn

Donovan Clingan could be their guy if the Knicks decide to draft a center. The 20-year-old is in his second season at UConn with the defending national champions. He's averaging 12.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.3 blocks, and 1.5 assists per game, shooting 63.8% from the field.

Last season, he averaged 6.9 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in 39 contests, none of which he started. Clingan's made quite the jump for arguably the best team in the tournament. The con about that (at least for New York) is that the center could be a lottery pick, which would put him out of the Knicks' range.

The tear he's been on lately has upped his stock. He finished with 22 points (7-of-12), 16 rebounds, two blocks, and two assists in UConn's BIG EAST Tournament Championship win over Marquette.

Clingan could easily become one of the hottest players in the tournament. If another team with a higher pick doesn't jump on him, New York should.

On Friday, the Huskies will play Stetson at 2:45 p.m. ET at Barclays Center.