3 Goals for OG Anunoby once he returns to the New York Knicks' lineup

OG Anunoby underwent elbow surgery earlier this month.

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2: Get comfortable at power forward

While this is less of a definitive goal and more of an overall recommendation, it's still something that Anunoby should become increasingly familiar with following his return to action. Although he's no stranger to moving up a position, he's spent 77 percent of his minutes with Toronto and New York in the small forward role this season, according to Basketball Reference. That's the highest mark of his career.

With Julius Randle's return date uncertain, there's a fair chance that Anunoby will come back first. If that's the case, he'll soak up most of the available minutes at the power forward position due to Randle's absence.

The 26-year-old has switched between both forward spots in each season that he's been in the association, although it's intriguing to see how effective he'll be in a full-time position change until Randle returns. Anunoby played a career-high 75 percent of his minutes at power forward during his sophomore campaign in the 2018-19 season, a year in which he also posted the worst net rating of his career.

It's worth mentioning that he was 21 years old in 2019, and has grown much more adept at guarding players who may have a size advantage over him. Still, it'll be something to monitor when it returns and could give head coach Tom Thibodeau more flexibility with his rotations in a playoff setting if Anunoby gets comfortable at power forward.