3 Early predictions for Knicks at the NBA Trade Deadline

New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau
New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Immanuel Quickley trade

This is simply a prediction. It doesn't mean Knicks fans should want to see Immanuel Quickley traded because that isn't the case. Instead, it means rather than risk losing him as a restricted free agent, the front office should aim to get something in return for him ahead of the deadline.

New York will have the chance to match any offer sheet that Quickley gets in free agency. Considering the Knicks didn't want to pay him starter-level money when it came time to sign him to an extension, don't expect them to dig too deep into their wallet to keep him. Other teams (like the Spurs) will be in a position to offer IQ more money than New York can afford.

Quickley is worthy of being a starting point guard in the NBA, and that isn't an opportunity that'll arise for him with the Knicks. Fans have called for New York to start him in the shooting guard slot, as he can play off-ball (so can Brunson). However, if Tom Thibodeau wanted to do that, he would've done it by now.

If Quickley is traded, Knicks fans should rightfully be frustrated. It was tough to see Obi Toppin go for a couple of second-round picks, so imagine what it'd be like to see Quickley, who's very capable of being a star, on another team.