3 Burning questions the Knicks must answer before the regular season ends

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2: What does the center rotation look like?

Mitchell Robinson and Isaiah Hartenstein are finally in the rotation at the same time again, although neither player is completely healthy. Robinson has played less than 20 minutes in each of his five appearances after missing several months due to an ankle injury. Meanwhile, Hartenstein hasn't recorded more than 30 minutes in a game since Feb. 6 as he's dealt with Achilles issues.

Precious Achiuwa has typically soaked up the available center minutes, although his role in the rotation is unknown if Robinson and Hartenstein are fully healthy by the time the first round of the playoffs begins. If those two are protecting the rim for a full 48 minutes, where does Achiuwa fit in the rotation?

He can play the power forward position, although his fit alongside Hartenstein or Robinson isn't great as he's shooting just 26.1% from three as a Knick. He's a strong rebounder and a capable defender, although those skills aren't as necessary when he shares the floor with Robinson off the bench. Instead, the lack of spacing becomes apparent and makes the offense difficult to watch.

While they've only shared the court for 12 minutes, the duo of Robinson and Achiuwa has a -61.2 net rating. That's the second-worst mark of any two-man unit to play at least 10 minutes for New York in the 2023-24 season.

Achiuwa may work better with Hartenstein due to the passing ability that the latter player possesses, but Robinson likely isn't ready to re-enter the first unit and go up against other starting-caliber centers just yet.

Thibodeau will need to figure out his center rotation before the playoffs, as the issue could wind up hurting the Knicks in a first-round series if it isn't solved.