3 Advantages Thunder have over Knicks in Isaiah Hartenstein free agency pursuit

The Thunder are interested in Hartenstein.
New York Knicks, Isaiah Hartenstein
New York Knicks, Isaiah Hartenstein / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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1. Money

If Hartenstein leaves the Knicks, money will be the most significant factor. New York's best offer comes in at about $18 million annually, and he's projected to get at least $20 million a year. It matters that I-Hart wants to be a Knick, but money talks. It'll be hard to turn down that amount of cash, especially if it comes from the Thunder.

Since being drafted in the 2017 second round, Hartenstein has played for the Rockets, Nuggets, Cavaliers, Clippers, and Knicks. Before he signed with New York in 2022, no one predicted he'd be due for the payday he will get in less than a month. It's a testament to his hard work. If I-Hart follows the money, there isn't one New York fan who should blame him.

Yes, signing for $18 million a year would be quite the upgrade over the $8 million annually he made the past two seasons, but if the Thunder offer a few more million per year than that, that's money Hartenstein might not want to leave on the table.

Knicks fans should hope that OKC's reported interest in the center isn't as strong as it seems because out of the teams with the most cap space (including Detroit and Orlando), the Thunder have the best chance to lure Hartenstein away in free agency.