2 Things Knicks fans should root for, 1 to root against to close season

And just like that, the regular season is almost over.
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Root against: Falling into Play-In Tournament range

The Knicks are currently the No. 5 team in the East with a 44-31 record but are only one game back from the No. 3 Cavaliers. New York is two games ahead of No. 7 Miami, as the Heat are in Play-In Tournament range.

The Knicks would have to continue with their losing spree to fall into tournament range, while teams like the Heat and Sixers would have to go on runs. Miami has won three in a row, and Joel Embiid returned to the lineup on Tuesday in Philadelphia's 109-105 win over Oklahoma City.

With New York waiting for Randle and Anunoby's potential returns, the break between the regular season's end and the playoffs' start could be crucial. If the Knicks didn't have a break and had to compete in the tournament, that'd put the team at even more of a disadvantage.

Once the postseason starts, it's go time. The intensity will ramp up, and New York won't have extended time off. It'd be nice for non-injured players who have played heavy minutes to get a break during the tournament. Those few days could go a long way.