2 Reasons for and 2 reasons against the Knicks trading for Bruce Brown

The Knicks are one of the teams interested in trading for Bruce Brown.
Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks
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Con: Limits overall spacing

While Brown's hard-nosed defense and championship pedigree seem like a perfect on-court fit next to New York's stars, his below-average three-point shooting raises some questions on the offensive end of the floor.

One of the Knicks' many unsung heroes this season has been Donte DiVincenzo, who is making a career-high 2.6 threes per game while hitting 42% of his shots from behind the arc. His ability to space the floor and give Brunson and Randle more room to drive to the rim and operate in the post has been crucial to New York's ninth-ranked offensive rating in 2023-24.

While Brown isn't a non-shooter by any means, he's hit just 33.8% of his three-point attempts throughout his career. In 36 games with the Raptors and Indiana Pacers this season, he's only shooting 32.4% from three. With Brown on the floor, opposing defenses would likely feel much more comfortable helping off him and sending more double and triple-teams at Randle and Brunson.

Although his defense and proven production in the playoffs would benefit the Knicks, there are legitimate concerns regarding his overall impact on New York's roster. If he can take on a larger offensive role while improving his three-point shooting, it's certainly possible that he could become an invaluable piece of the rotation.