Damian Lillard kickstarts Knicks trade rumor frenzy with spicy tweet

A player who has been on the minds of several New York Knicks fans since their playoff run ended is Damian Lillard, one of the premier point guards in the NBA. However, many were unsure if Lillard would finally ask out of his depressing situation with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Lillard has been with Portland since they drafted him in 2012 but the team has not had much success during his tenure. This has left many fans wondering when Lillard was finally going to “run from the grind,” as he would put it.

But maybe that’s about to change this offseason, especially after a sect of the fanbase has spoken in a way the star player doesn’t approve?

In engaging with fans on Twitter, Lillard issues a response with a tweet of his own that now has fans wondering what might happen next. Fire up the Knicks trade rumors!

Damian Lillard sparks new trade rumors with his recent tweet, Knicks fans are all ears

After the Blazers acquired the third overall pick in this year’s draft lottery, some Portland fans have suggested the front office should move on from Lillard and finally enter a full-blown rebuild now that there’s a legitimate opportunity to create a new foundation.

For all Lillard has dedicated to the city, he doesn’t approve of that narrative. And if that’s the opinion of a majority of the fan base, he apparently wants out.

Obviously, this tweet only holds so much weight. However, it’s the most we’ve seen Lillard suggest he wants to leave Portland in a long time. It certainly makes sense for Portland to trade Lillard and rebuild considering the structure of their roster. Additionally, if they opt to trade the third pick instead, how much does the incoming player really move the needle in a stacked Western Conference?

As for the Knicks, they would be in a rather interesting spot if Lillard is made available. We can understand why some fans question his fit with the team, however, a lot of those concerns can be a little overblown.

While the defense would take a hit, especially depending on who the Knicks send in a deal for the 32-year-old, the fit offensively isn’t as big of a problem as some make it out to be. Not only is Lillard an elite playmaker, but we know from prior experience that Jalen Brunson works well off-ball with ball-dominant players.

The shooting, playmaking, and overall offensive prowess Lillard would bring to the table is something the Knicks have never seen before. Adding two All-Star guards in the same backcourt would make for one of the best duos in the NBA. It would just take figuring out the frontcourt for things to really get cooking.

Who knows what either team’s plans are this offseason. Regardless, all it took was one tweet for everything to go 0 to 60 on Thursday.