Knicks’ season-ending loss gives front office blueprint for offseason

New York Knicks forward Julius Randle Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports
New York Knicks forward Julius Randle Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports /

In the New York Knicks’ biggest game of the last 10 years, they couldn’t have let fans down more, embarrassingly losing to the Heat. While some Knicks showed up to play, others didn’t and were the reason for the team’s loss.

While the Knicks certainly surpassed expectations, how they lost Game 6 is unacceptable and shows that they have plenty of room to improve during the offseason.

The Knicks cannot allow these players to continue throwing up stinkers in the playoffs. This means that fans could very well see some big-time moves be made this summer to better the team for next year.

Knicks’ season-ending loss shows what needs to be done in offseason

If one thing was clear from this playoff series, it’s that the Knicks must build around Jalen Brunson and put the best possible roster around him. This means getting rid of Julius Randle as soon as possible. His All-NBA regular seasons are cool, but how he consistently falls apart in the playoffs cannot continue to happen.

Who knows what New York could get for Randle considering his playoff history, however, he needs to go regardless. His numbers may be hard to replace, but adding a player who is more consistent and a better fit would go a long way for the Knicks’ offense.

Alongside this, New York must consider shipping off RJ Barrett. While aside from Game 6, he was rather fantastic in the playoffs, his inconsistencies in the regular season and even in the postseason at times cannot continue. While the Knicks could bank on a jump from him next season, it may be worth shopping him around while his value is high.

For these two players to shoot a combined 4-of-24 from the field in a game of this magnitude is disgusting and shows that Brunson needs more around him. In Game 6, Brunson scored 41 points while grabbing four boards and dishing three assists, shooting 14-of-22 from the field and 5-of-10 from deep.

The Knicks must find a way to give Brunson any amount of consistent help on offense. Fans are getting very tired of having just one consistent offensive threat on the Knicks, especially in the playoffs.