Julius Randle has wildly disappointing answer to Knicks’ lack of effort

New York Knicks forward Julius Randle Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
New York Knicks forward Julius Randle Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s one thing to lose a playoff series because the opposing team had the hot hand, but it’s another to lose due to a repeated lack of effort. That’s the position that the New York Knicks have found themselves in after treating a must-win Game 4 more like a recreational league contest.

When faced with a loose ball in Game 4, the Knicks stood around and watched players like 37-year-old Kyle Lowry outhustle them. They failed to box out and got crushed on the glass. And they showed a lack of effort on the defensive end, particularly Julius Randle. He was struggling to keep up with 34-year-old Kevin Love.

Randle might’ve been gassed, but if that were the case, he shouldn’t have been on the floor. Considering that he’s one of the team’s leaders, his effort has left a lot to be desired. It’s little plays like the one below that should never happen in a preseason game, much less a postseason game.

When asked about Miami’s efforts after Monday’s loss, Randle gave a brutal answer.

Knicks’ Julius Randle suggests Heat “want it more” in second-round playoff series

For the Knicks fans that are holding out hope that the team will be able to claw back from a 3-1 deficit for the first time ever, Julius Randle’s answer might’ve changed that. Yes, it’s been painfully clear in the last two games that Miami has wanted it more than New York, but for Randle to say that as if it were a reasonable response was absurd to hear.

When asked what the Knicks do to find that drive in the middle of a series, Randle said that the team has to look within itself. Given that hasn’t happened yet, it’s not looking good, especially for Randle. He dealt with a left ankle sprain leading up to the start of the playoffs and reaggravated it again in the first round, but his effort has been abysmal, particularly on the defensive end.

He’s a large part of the reason why New York managed to secure the No. 5 seed in the East in the first place, but his playoff performance has once again disappointed fans. After winning the hearts of Knicks fans back over in the regular season, his nonchalant attitude in the postseason has changed that.