How would Knicks fans feel about this 3-team Deandre Ayton trade?

DeAndre Ayton, New York Knicks. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
DeAndre Ayton, New York Knicks. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images /
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Kyle Kuzma, Washington Wizards and Julius Randle, New York Knicks. Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images /

Grading the Suns on hypothetical trade with the Knicks

The Phoenix Suns have had an elite offense over the past few seasons, but that has come from incredible shot-making from talented players. They have subsisted on a number of two-point jumpers and non-dunk paint shots. The fit of Chris Paul with Ayton was never a natural one, and it led to the team devaluing Ayton and presumably insulting him through that process.

Robinson would be an excellent pick-and-roll center to dive to the rim, and otherwise has a very low usage need offensively. That slack could be picked up by Kuzma, a player also linked to the Knicks but who is blossoming offensively. Defensively, it’s likely that Robinson is an upgrade on Ayton. Adding Kuzma also gives the Suns the ability to move Jae Crowder for a non-4, which should open up trade possibilities to upgrade elsewhere.

Grade: B+

Grading the Wizards on trade with the Knicks

The Washington Wizards have lost 13 of their last 15 games at the time of this writing, with their 10-game losing streak snapped unexpectedly in Phoenix on Tuesday night. They are laden with a few bloated contracts and a bunch of mediocre lottery picks, and look like a team that should tear things down and reset.

That’s never been the path this franchise takes, however, and trading for a player like Randle to extend the play-in agony is a very Wizards-esque move. Kuzma is able to hit unrestricted free agency this summer and has already indicated he wants to jet, and Barton is likewise a pending free agent. Adding Randle gives them an offensive boost and a “star” under contract for multiple seasons, and he should be set up for the most success playing next to a stretch-5 in Porzingis.

This trade might make sense to Washington, but it shouldn’t. Flipping Kuzma is a chance to clear some space and rebuild the roster a bit, but this would lock them into an overpaid power forward who doesn’t space the floor much at all.

Grade: C