Would Knicks make this Kyle Kuzma trade with Wizards?

Kyle Kuzma, Washington Wizards. Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images
Kyle Kuzma, Washington Wizards. Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images /
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The good news for the New York Knicks is that they have won six straight games and have risen to sixth in the Eastern Conference. The counter-side is that they needed to win four straight games just to get to one game above .500, and their point differential is just barely positive. They don’t look like a true contender.

This collection of players is not bad enough to tank and not good enough to win a playoff series. That will almost certainly lead to changes, be they at the trade deadline or in the offseason. One option would be to start moving multiple players off their deep rosters to consolidate into fewer, better players.

One player who fits the bill is Kyle Kuzma, who is having his best year for the Washington Wizards but has already indicated he wants to sign elsewhere when he can hit free agency this summer. The Knicks are a large market team with deep CAA connections and that could make the partnership a positive one moving forward, and is a large reason the Knicks are linked to Kuzma according to multiple reports.

The New York Knicks and Washington Wizards can easily build a trade for Kyle Kuzma

What would a trade between the Knicks and Wizards look like? There are a number of different forms it could take, but let’s build one out and then see if it’s a deal that would work for both sides.