3 Knicks players who have been disappointments to start season

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Throughout the first 16 games of the season, we have begun to further our expectations of the Knicks and its players. While some players have surpassed their expectations and have played rather well, others have not.

It seems as if anytime the Knicks are on the right track and win a game or two, things turn right back around and things start to look bad again. Considering the Knicks’ tough five upcoming games, we could see a continuation of struggles.

Obviously, it doesn’t help that not everyone on the Knicks has played well so far, in fact, the poor play of certain members of the team has probably been the biggest factor in New York’s losses this season.

3 Knicks players who have really let the team down this season

3: Derrick Rose

After declaring that he was in the best shape of his career and coming in at the lowest weight since his rookie season, it seemed like Derrick Rose was ready for an incredible season backing up Jalen Brunson.

Through the first 16 games, this has been far from the case. In only 13.3 minutes a game this year, Rose is averaging 6.8 points, 2.3 assists, and 1.6 rebounds per game while shooting an extremely disappointing 40.4% from the field and 36.6% from three.

While part of this disappointment may come from Roses’s lack of minutes, he is still not producing enough when he is on the floor.

Rose is currently playing the least amount of minutes per game of his entire career so far which could open up the door for a potential trade. Normally, I’d be against trading Rose, however, it seems as if there is simply no room in the rotation for him to get consistent minutes anymore.

This, alongside the solid play of Immanuel Quickley and the return of Quentin Grimes, could force the front office’s hand to potentially trade Rose to a better situation.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out as the season goes on. I wish nothing but the best for Rose but if he does not improve his play soon, he may be forced out of the rotation once Grimes is ready to play again.

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