Kyrie Irving embarrasses himself and Nets with latest conspiracy theory post

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again… the summer of 2019 played out in favor of the New York Knicks. Sure, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving opted to join the Brooklyn Nets over the Knicks, but their stint in NYC hasn’t gone as hoped. After a rocky summer that included a trade request from Durant, both are going to remain in Brooklyn (for now).

There’s no denying the talent of either player, but Brooklyn was nearly left in shambles due to KD wanting out and Kyrie reportedly having a desire to team up with LeBron James in Los Angeles. The situation worked out as best as it could for the Nets, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be issues in the future. After watching the season that Brooklyn had in 2021-22, it’s hard to believe that 2022-23 will be smooth for the team across the river.

The Knicks are on a completely different path than the Nets, but that’s not such a bad thing. After not trading for Donovan Mitchell, New York’s shifted its focus to the youth on the roster, which included signing RJ Barrett to a four-year extension.

And hey, at least the Knicks haven’t had to deal with one of its star players posting harmful conspiracy theories from Alex Jones.

Even Kyrie Irving should know better than to amplify Alex Jones’ thoughts

In case you’re lucky enough to not know who Alex Jones is, he’s a known conspiracy theorist that’s currently undergoing a trial for claiming that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was all a lie.

The Sandy Hook families and Aldenberg say they have been confronted and harassed for years by people who believed Jones’ false claim that the shooting was staged by crisis actors as part of a plot to take away people’s guns.

In August, Jones was ordered to pay $45.2 million “in punitive damages after spreading lies about the 2012 massacre” to two Sandy Hook parents.

So, yes, that’s the same Alex Jones that Kyrie Irving felt confident enough in to share a video of Jones from 2002 on his Instagram story on Friday titled, “Alex Jones Tried To Warn Us.” Ah, yes, because that’s someone that people should look up to and listen to.

It goes without saying that Kyrie Irving can do what Kyrie Irving wants, but just like his decision to not get vaccinated that derailed the Nets’ season, there are still consequences for his actions. It’s time to reconsider Kyrie’s role as Vice President of the NBPA Executive Committee.

Although Kyrie is well, Kyrie, he should know better, even as a “free thinker.” Alex Jones certainly isn’t someone that you should want to associate yourself with.

There are some Knicks fans out there that are dissatisfied with how New York’s offseason has played out, but even those fans should take a second to stop and be thankful that Irving landed with the Nets and not the Knicks three summers ago. That’s one headache that New York’s front office didn’t need to deal with.