3 Julius Randle trades that the Knicks should consider

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After Julius Randle’s second bad season in the three years he’s been with the New York Knicks, it may be time to finally move on from the veteran power forward. While there is certainly potential for Randle to turn things around and return to being a solid role player like he was in the past, there’s an even bigger chance that it won’t happen.

Whether it be because of a Donovan Mitchell trade, the simple lack of need for Randle, or a potentially even worse season than the last, it may be time for Randle to play for a new team.

This could be avoided, though, if Randle understands that he must have the ball in his hands less and become more of an off-ball player. However, Randle has not played like this in three years. I doubt that he will suddenly change his mindset.

Here are 3 Julius Randle-Knicks trade scenarios that we could see unfold:

1. Julius Randle and Evan Fournier to the Lakers for Russell Westbrook, a 2027 FRP, and two future SRP

This is a little interesting, as Russell Westbrook is certainly not a good fit for the Knicks. However, Westbrook is set to make $47 million next year. While he is unlikely to accept a buyout, the Knicks could pull off a trade and either sit or bench Westbrook to allow his contract to expire, which would clear up a ton of cap space.

Knicks Get
Russell Westbrook
2027 first-round pick
2024 second-round pick
2025 second-round pick
Lakers Get
Julius Randle
Evan Fournier

While the combination of Randle and Fournier is certainly better than Westbrook, that is not saying much. I understand Fournier is an elite shooter, however, I’d much rather clear up minutes for players like Cam Reddish, Quentin Grimes, and Obi Toppin. In addition to this, the cap space the Knicks will clear could be much more valuable than any of the players in this deal.

The other key piece in this deal is the Lakers’ 2027 first-round pick. By that time it is likely that both LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be gone, meaning that this pick has the potential to have a ton of value.

As for Randle and Fournier, not only will this trade clear up room for some of the younger players to develop, but they will also both be great fits next to LeBron, with Randle likely being more willing to go back to his old off-ball ways.

This trade would work great for both teams as the Lakers would get two players who both fit better than Westbrook and the Knicks would get valuable cap space and picks.

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