3 reasons why Knicks’ RJ Barrett will be an All-Star in 2022-23

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RJ Barrett has quickly turned into must-watch basketball, becoming the number one option for the New York Knicks in just three seasons. The pressure for Barrett to perform in 2022-23 will be even higher, but there’s reason to believe that he’ll be able to overcome those challenges.

Heading into his fourth season, it’s time for Barrett to really turn on the jets. The Knicks drafted him in 2019 with the expectation that one day he’d turn into an All-Star and that day seems to be coming very soon.

Knicks’ RJ Barrett is on track to get his first All-Star Game selection in 2022-23

Although All-Star appearances don’t win you NBA championships, it would be a big deal for Barrett to be named one. The Knicks haven’t exactly aced the art of drafting All-Star worthy players over the years. Some of their best players in recent seasons have been from free agent pickups and trades — not from the NBA Draft.

With Barrett, it’s different. New York didn’t land the lottery jackpot in 2019 and had to pick third after the two obvious selections in Zion Williamson and Ja Morant. But Barrett has been great in his own right and given his ability to stay healthy, his durability certainly puts him ahead of Williamson.

But heading into next season, the next step up for Barrett would be making his first All-Star team.

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