Knicks reportedly discussed intriguing three-team trade for Donovan Mitchell

The first week of August is coming to a close and as of right now, Donovan Mitchell’s still with the Utah Jazz. The New York Knicks have engaged in conversations with the Jazz, but those talks have reportedly been stalled.

According to HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto, the Knicks discussed the idea of a three-team trade involving the Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers a few weeks ago, so it isn’t something that was talked about recently.

Just like it’s no secret that New York’s extremely interested in Mitchell, it’s no secret that Los Angeles has been trying to part with Russell Westbrook and the $47.1 million that he’s set to make in 2022-23. The 2017 MVP joined the Lakers last summer and although they were labeled as title favorites, LA had a worse season than the Knicks.

And now, the two sides have tried to help one another out in a three-team deal where both teams would get what they want.

Knicks reportedly discussed a three-team trade with the Jazz, Lakers for Donovan Mitchell

Unlike New York’s competition for Mitchell, the Knicks don’t need to loop in a third team to make a deal work. New York has eight tradable first-round picks as well as several talented young players.

Scotto mentioned that a combination of Patrick Beverley, Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovic, or Malik Beasley would’ve been sent to the Lakers. The Jazz would’ve received Westbrook for a buyout as well as draft compensation from the Knicks and Lakers, but New York would’ve had to give up veteran salary filler (ie: Derrick Rose).

If the deal would’ve gone through, the majority of Knicks fans would’ve likely rejoiced, but losing Rose in the process would’ve been bittersweet, especially with Taj Gibson’s departure still fresh on the minds of many fans.

Scotto didn’t mention why the deal fell apart, but something like it could still materialize. There was known interest in Westbrook from the Indiana Pacers, but it was reported two weeks ago that a potential deal had fallen through due to LA’s refusal to include two first-round picks. That trade fizzling out could help open the door for the Knicks, Lakers, and Jazz to resume talks.

As the days go on, reports could surface regarding discussions that New York’s had for Mitchell, and perhaps trade talks will resume between New York and Utah.